A man is worth exactly as much as his word is worth.
Do you remember the statement of Artak Tovmasyan, according to which ․ “We are starting a struggle with the current government, which will last 44 days. I am sure that during this time we will achieve the main goal – the resignation of the government ”.

According to the popular saying “The word is dead without action.” And today we are all convinced that in fact Artak Tovmasyan does not throw his word to the ground. Because half of the 44-day deadline has not passed since its announcement, when the person holding the post of prime minister has already announced his

The current situation in our country forces all of us to unite very quickly. And this union was proposed by Artak Tovmasyan, the author of the civil initiative “Third Power”. It is clear that Nikol Pashinyan felt the impact and decided to leave immediately. Because he has already noticed the power that is able to register success, and not be limited to simple promises for many years.

According to Tovmasyan, the conflict between the government and the opposition in the country is escalating, as a result of which we are on the verge of a civil war. Then society pays attention to a new force, which is not covered in political rubbish. And the “Third Force” justifies the demands of the people.

Because the purpose of their activities is to contribute to the establishment of a prosperous, dignified life for the Armenian people, to inherit a developed and free Motherland for future generations, relying on universal, national values. Ensuring the stability of the state and independence from external forces, introducing new thinking in economic policy, assuring the citizens of the Republic of Armenia that it is possible to work and live in our homeland with dignity and in safe conditions. …

The “third force” is the faith of civic initiative ․ A stable and developing state, a reliable external environment, providing reliable guarantees for the future based on the national state and national values.

And this is still a small victory for the Third Force, we are confident that they will create new victories for our nation.